TV Module
TM 012
TM012 TV Module is capable of demodulating ISDB-T 1-seg and analog TV.







Worldwide PAL, NTSC, and SECAM support
ISDB-T 1-seg mobile TV demodulator
I2C control interfaces
Includes device drivers for all popular processors and operating systems
 TM 012 TV ModuleTM 012 TV Module
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Product Spec

(01) Dimension: 18 mm x 18 mm x 1.0mm
(02) Height: Top 2mm(Max)
(03) I2C control interfaces
(04) SPI for TSIF
(05) Analog TV:
  - Supports all NTSC standards: NTSC-M, NTSC-J, NTSC-4.43
  - Supports all PAL standards: B, B1, D, D1, G, H, I, K, K1, M, N, Nc
  - Supports SECAM B, D, G, K, K1
  - BT.601/656 8-bit parallel video interface
  - Stereo/mono I2S audio interface for TV audio
  - Stereo/mono analog audio interface for TV audio
(06) Digital TV:
  ISDB-T Broadcasting Standard: 1 Seg
  Channel: CH13~CH62
  Modulation mode: QPSK
  Channel Bandwidth: 430KHz For 1 Segment
  Sensitivity: -90dBm (Typical)
(07) Power voltage: 3.3V +/- 5%
(08) Power consumption On Working Mode: 3.3V 300mA (MAX)
(09) Antenna Input Impedence: 50 Ohm
(10) Temperature: -5℃ to +65℃